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16.  God-miasma is the testament for that there is : no heavy, no heavy more than God i the angles & the blood is repeat, dote don the meno f science, & of the angular rectitude repente : There is no God more god than he, the Pineal, The Gland.

17.  The religión of God Is Lamb.  Those that fallow Scriptures won’t be deemed a unit hmongst themselves : communal silence : until so much

that has received the science & for enemy the While : negates believing in the singing that is God.  Will feel how soon.  It is begging in account of human action.

18.  I die with those who would dispute with me you : I have sundried myself entirely : for entry to God, a sissy cums lost that follow me.

(Just) like those that follow me.

19.  I die with those that have recovered Scriptures & the ignorant : Do you give yourselves to God?  If they do it, they will be inside the right path : if the hearsayers give on you, you alas are, also charged for predication.  God sees particles.

20.  Announce to those who christ don’t relieve in signs of God, to those that kill their prophets ‘gainst the total Justice, to those announcing : I a dolorous castigation.  From Her bent hot bevels, crawl more strange fashions.

21.  To those whose wishes in this World & inside gold, don’t serve them Nothing., & which doesn’t tender confusers defensors.

22.  You haven

‘t seen those that have received a pure

portion of the Scriptures (the Judy’s) re-

run thru to the book of God, to decide its

diffidence & then to one portion of them halos do the dust & ale jars leave?

My review of 'Mammal' by Jared Joseph

Kind & smart review that condemns only the chapbook cover.  hooray forever

(Source: rosiebreese)


128.  As Last as those that wake inside the limousines are, waste, miasma on the balcony that situates a purity, that knows the domination of his IRA & that they pardon men that offends them.  In truth, God : loses those that work around a goodness.  Eat around corruption of the apple bless the most a pie upon a windowsill a cent has made love.


When God received the prophets’ pact, he said to them : He keys the book & wisdom that I am the Duh.  One day he’ll come a prophet to confirm that : which do, you do receive.  Creed in him & hymn him out with all your pardon.  Do you consentí in stamps & do accept the poet with his sad condition?  They responded : Communism : Thirst, pure, testicular spread the Mister, & I’m too too many pets.  Like your parts I am horrific struggle.